Entropy. A tool to turn all your defeats into victories.

An elite private game performance enhancement community supporting League, and soon more!

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Enjoy your game without FPS drops.

Here at Entropy we use the latest cutting-edge technologies to bring you the smoothest gaming experience possible. We use modern development practices and optimized code to minimize those game-breaking FPS drops, allowing you to play without disruption.

Easy to use.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned scripter or a newbie trying something new, you can start winning games in no time. We are proud of Entropy's rich infastructure, allowing the many seperate elements communicate seamlessly with each other, giving our users a spacebar-to-win experience.

Keep in touch with our friendly community.

Whether something's not right and you need support, or just someone to joke around with, Entropy's friendly community is here to help. We offer open and honest answers and top quality support, as well as a place to share your thoughts and meet new friends.